About Me

Hello! My name is Shelby Howe...I recently got married so the name's Mrs. Watts now. I am a first year teacher and love it! Science has always been my passion, and I want to share that same science passion with my students.

In my spare time I like to kayak and hike. Chacos are my favorite shoes, I try to get an amazing chaco-tan every summer.


Twin Falls High School Graduate Image result for twin falls high school logo

Associates of Science from the College of Southern IdahoImage result for college of southern idaho logo

Bachelors of Science from Brigham Young University-IdahoImage result for byu-idaho logo

My Classes

Earth Science

Earth Science is an integrated study of the Earth’s history, composition and structure, its atmosphere and oceans, and its environment in space. Knowledge of Earth Science is important because most human activities are related to interactions with the planet Earth.

Freshman Transitions

This course is required for all incoming freshmen and focused on helping students prepare for high school and post-high school experiences. Students will examine learning styles, personal and social development, and career/life skills. This course will also set a foundation for doing research and preparing for the senior project.

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