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I've been instilling the love of y=mx+b in my students for many years. Although I'm forced to acknowledge that the line perpendicular to the graph of y=5 is not a function, I'm happy to know that the slopes of all parallel lines are created equal. In my free time, I enjoy watching Slope Dude on YouTube. I believe that he is the one and only dominator.




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Technical Math uses problem situations, physical models, and appropriate technology to extend mathematical thinking and engage student reasoning. Problem-solving situations, including those related to a variety of careers and technical fields will provide all students an environment which promotes communication and fosters connections within mathematics to other disciplines and to the technological workplace. Students will use hands-on activities to model, explore, and develop abstract concepts. The use of appropriate technology will help students apply math in an increasingly technological world. Collaboration between math and professional-technical teachers is an integral part of this course. Technical Math Syllabus

The purpose of the year-long Beginning Algebra course is to better prepare students to be successful in geometry.  The course focuses on expressions, functions, rational numbers, and solving, graphing and analyzing linear equations and inequalities. Beginning Algebra Syllabus

Algebra I focuses on expressions, equations, functions, and rational numbers. Solving, graphing, and analyzing linear equations and inequalities, operations with polynomials, factoring, quadratic equations, rational expressions, radical expressions, and the quadratic formula are studied. Fundamental statistics with a linear focus is also included.

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