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Mr. James Haycock is the current teacher and director of the TFHS Drama Department and Bruin High Players, “a professional theatre company staffed by high school students.” Mr. Haycock earned his MFA in Costume/Scene Design from Carnegie Mellon University,  a BA in Theatre Design from Boise State University, and Secondary Teaching Certificate from Lewis-Clark State College.  After a brief stint in Los Angeles working in film and television, he returned to Twin Falls where he has taught for 13 years.  Haycock has also served IHSAA/ISATA as District IV President, ISATA Vice President and President and currently  State Drama Commissioner. Haycock is an avid swimmer, cyclist, undercover therapist, and workaholic. He believes he has a wife and three kids, but is unsure of their whereabouts  over the past 13 years. 🙂


MFA Costume Design- Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, 2003.

BA Theatre Design-Boise State University, Boise, 2000.

Secondary Teaching Certification-Lewis-Clark State College, Lewiston, 2011.

Graduate of Jerome High School, Jerome, 1992.

My Classes

SPEECH (9-12)
Speech Syllabus

THEATRE I (9-12)
Theatre I Syllabus

THEATRE II (10-12)
Theatre II Syllabus

THEATRE III/Bruin High Players (10-12)
BHP Syllabus
BHP 2016/17 Calendar

P&D Syllabus

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