About Me


Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Camille Johnson and I am a mother, a teacher, a student, an artist, a bibliophile, a Francophile, an Idahoan, a skier, and a Mudslinging Pyromaniac.  I am the Twin Falls High School Pottery Teacher, District Department Head for the Visual Arts Program, Building Leadership Team Participant, and President-Elect for the Idaho Art Education Association. I recently completed my M.S.Ed, Curriculum and Instruction, from the University of Kansas. I consider myself a life-learner in all things: as a teacher, a student, and an artist.

Please visit my website for examples of student work as well as work of my own! http://mudslingingpyro.org/

My Statement as an Artist

As a Pottery teacher, my focus is on 3-dimensional artworks. Having studied drawing and oil painting in college, I still have a love of 2-dimensional work. As an Art Education major, I studied and appreciated all mediums. Recently I have been incorporating the two, and even more recently I have returned to drawing and painting; it fills my soul. Forms in clay reflect the form of the human body. Skeletons are the external or internal support of all things, and to me represent the depths of who we are as humans: simple line and form culminating in an exquisite celebration of the similarities of all people beneath our façades. I find art to be a limitless exploration of self and humanity and I hope to never limit myself to a solitary medium. I am forever evolving as an artist- art feeds my soul and allows me to breathe.

Education & Credentials

  • Idaho State Teaching Credentials, 2005/2015
  • M.S. Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, Lawrence, KS, Graduate 2016
  • Continuing Professional Development, NORTHWEST NAZARENE UNIVERSITY, Nampa, ID, ongoing
  • English Endorsement begun, BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY, Boise, ID, 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts, Art Education K-12, BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY, Boise, ID, 2001
  • Education Internship, Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID, August-December 2000
  • Art Major, UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO, Moscow, ID, 1997-1998
  • Business/Photography Major, COLLEGE OF SOUTHERN IDAHO, Twin Falls, ID, 1996-1997

My Classes

Pottery I

Available to grades 9-12, Pottery I is a course in which students will be introduced to clay and three-dimensional art forms. Basic hand construction, methods of pinching, coiling and slab will be taught and utilized in sculptural form. Decorating and glazing methods will be explored.  Experience Clay and Beginning Sculpture textbooks will be utilized.

Link to Syllabus Under Construction

Pottery II

Available to grades 10-12, Pottery II is an extension of the pottery I course with emphasis placed on individual interpretations and creative outcomes drawn from an assignment list. Three dimensional projects will include sculpture as well as a variety of traditional shapes and functional forms in a variety of mediums. Wheel throwing will be introduced. C or better in Pottery I and Instructor Approval required.

Link to Syllabus Under Construction

Pottery III

Available to grades 11-12, Pottery III is a further extension of the Pottery II course in which students create and complete an intense assignment list. Experimentation will be encouraged, as will works of depth and complexity. Students may explore an area of concentration or attempt a variety of self-generated projects.  C or better in Pottery II and Instructor approval required. 

Link to Syllabus Under Construction

Pottery IV

Available only to seniors, Pottery IV is an advanced study in ceramics methods, practices, concepts and history with directed guidance toward producing independent, professional work. The development of methods for realizing self-directed practices, and the commitment to rigorous work practice are expected. Students will be challenged to define their own formal aesthetic and individual goals with the support and input of fellow students and the instructor with the intention of developing new techniques and to reinforce current skills. Instructor approval required.

Link to Syllabus Under Construction

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