About Me

alisaI originally grew up in Casper, Wyoming, but with my dad being in the Army, we have also lived in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and El Paso, Texas. I learned what it was like to be in the minority group when we were stationed in Texas during the first part of my seventh grade year. I have two brothers, a half- brother, and a half- sister. I have 2 nieces and 8 nephews along with two great-nephews. Family has always been important to me. My parents moved to Boise a couple of years ago to take care of my grandma.

I was active in high school in the band, choir during my senior year, gymnastics, and I managed the track team. I met my husband when I went to college in 2000. He was helping his best friend move into the dorms. We started dating in 2003. He proposed to me while I was knee deep in a snow drift in the Snowy Range Mountains, east of Laramie, Wyoming.

Other than 8 months when I lived and worked in Joplin, Mo, I lived in Laramie for 10 years for college and the 6 years after before moving back to Casper to teach at CY Middle School. I was a 1 to 1 paraprofessional in Laramie at Spring Creek Elementary School for four  years. Due to the political climate in Casper in the school district, my teaching position was eliminated and I subbed for the next two years while looking for a full time teaching job. Idaho and Washington were the other two states besides Wyoming that we were willing to live in.

My husband and I adopted a dog from the local shelter just over two years ago. I have been training with our dog, Trex, and she has earned to Canine Good Citizen Certificates from the American Kennel Club. She loves to go for walks and car rides and travels longer distances very well. When I am not in my classroom teaching, my husband and I go exploring and take Trex for walks. I can also be found knitting, reading books, or playing in the CSI Symphonic Band. 

My mom and three of her siblings, and two of her brother-in-laws attended Twin Falls High School in the 1960s- 1970. 

Education & Credentials

I attended high school at Kelly Walsh High School in Casper, Wyoming with our own Brett Fonnesbeck. I graduated in 2000.

I attended the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming and earned a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I graduated in 2004.
Univeristy Of Wyoming

I completed my Master's in Special Education online from Grand Canyon University in 2009.

My Classes

Developmental Language Arts 1: Language Arts 1 is a course designed for Freshmen and Sophomores with a focus on working on reading and writing from the textbook and other sources
Reading and discussing a novel as a class.
Learning the foundation for writing in a variety of writing styles.
Developing reading comprehension.

Developmental Language Arts 2: Language Arts 2 is a course designed for Juniors and Seniors with the focus on writing research papers.
Reading and discussing a novel as a class.
Learning the foundation for writing in a variety of writing styles.
Developing reading comprehension.

Developmental Science: Developmental Science is a class that was created to give students a hands on approach to science. Students will be taught using material from Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Learning tree to learn about water, wildlife, and the environment.

Contact Me

The best way to contact me is through email using either of these addresses. [email protected] or Latimeral @mytfsd.org
My phone number is 208-733-6551 x 3079